Here are my most frequently asked questions. Please contact me if you have other questions.

Q & A

The larger the resolution/size, the better. For the photo collage style layouts, a very minimum resolution is about 600px. Photos taken with your cell phone work nicely. Please remember that the photo will be printed very enlarged so any blur or graininess in the original photo will show. The finished product depends on your photos and although I personally correct each photo to ensure the best print quality, if a photo is blurred, grainy, very dark, over exposed etc, I cannot fix it. However, my clients have loved their photo blankets even if they have used imperfect photos. The effect is still beautiful and they make a wonderful keepsake. I also try to advise you if a photos quality will print very badly and request another.

The quilted blanket is made like a quilt with quilting and a fabric border. It also available in the most sizes.

The sherpa blanket has a minky fleece front and a faux wool border and back.

The woven blanket is woven from colored cotton thread. 

The fleece blanket is thinner and is a solid fleece material.

 It generally takes between 2 and 4 weeks to arrive to your door. If you are giving it as a gift and it does not arrive in time, you can print out the preview I email you and give that with a note that it is on it’s way.


I have created beautiful designs inspired by patchwork quilts.  I crop, color correct and arrange your photos on the design you order, then email you a mock-up. Then your personalized photo quilted blanket or other photo design is made to order by my production partner. We use a specialist printing process (sublimation printing) that fuses the ink into the fabric, so your designs won’t scratch off or peel away. It becomes part of the fabric.  It is like dyed fabric, not an overlay. The print is striking, with an almost HD finish. 

No, not at all.  They can all be machine washed on cold, and for extra care you can use the delicate cycle. Tumble dry on low heat, Avoid direct heat, Do not use bleach. The design is printed into the fabric and is very resistant. In order to keep the color fresh, It is better to add salt to the water for your first washing. They do not need ironing and are super soft and wrinkle resistant.

Neat & New’s Quilted Blankets are made of a hypoallergenic cotton filler. The outer is made of a specially designed for printing polyester material. This material will keep your photos looking beautiful for years to come.  These materials give a soft, smooth, beautiful-to-the-touch, wrinkle resistant feel to the finished quilted blanket.

These are printed quilted blankets, not patchwork quilts.  They are machine made , excellent quality, and many of my exclusive designs have the appearance of a patchwork quilt.  The design is printed into the fabric and bonds with the fiber and is very durable. It’s similar to dyeing fabric, not an overlay.  I can create the graphic for the print any way you want.

Really most every part can be changed to your liking. Since these are printed, I can create and change the graphic to be just the way you want it.

Q & A

Yes, they usually are.  If a photo is not good enough, I will request another.

If you are unsure, you can email me your photos to dazaccheo@aol.com and I can take a look and let you know. But don’t worry too much as most photos work and if not I will ask for another or give you a full refund.  You can order with confidence.

The number of photos on the photo collage designs mostly depends on how each individual photo needs to be cropped and if you want any text squares. There are 11 places for photos, but often a photo is best cropped in a manner that takes 2 spaces. 10 photos is usually the right number.

Yes, once you order, I create a mock-up for you to approve or make changes.

It’s really easy!  You just need to order the design you like and either upload your photos with your order or email them to me later.  I then prepare a mock-up for you to approve or make changes.  That’s it!  Then your beautiful photo item will be delivered to your door in about 4 weeks.

Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I do not do mock-ups until you have ordered.  The graphic design process is very time consuming and intricate. However, I do promise an immediate full refund if you do not like your mock-up and I cannot change it to make you happy.

 I have carefully chosen my production partner for their high quality and reliability. I tested many producers and chose the best!  They are located in China which allows me to offer excellent prices along with excellent quality with affordable shipping.  The quilted blankets are produced exclusively in China as I have been unable to find a US or European producer for these. I need a production partner as the equipment and technology required to produce my personalized designs is beyond my reach. However, I design each and they cannot be found elsewhere.